To be uncomfortable

I am writing this from my new room in Bendigo. I just finished unboxing some of my stuff and building some new shelves!

It’s good to be back here. Bendigo was the city where I did my pastoral year when I was a seminarian in Malta. Bishop Joe Grech brought me here few years ago and certainly this town has a lot of memories for me.

Farewell is never easy. As I moved from Shepparton, I left so many memories; especially the amazing friends that I’ve made. My concert recently was a sign of gratitude especially for the people in Shepparton for being so loving and so supportive.

Moving is quite tiring! I haven’t done it for a while. A new place also gives me some new challenges. I have to adapt, to make new friends and to work in different environment and circumstances. My dog Gozo has to do the same too!

This reminds me of something. I often say that we should pray to God to make us ‘uncomfortable.’ To move outside our comfort zone is not easy. We are comfortable enough to stay in our own shell without knowing so many great things that await us. To be uncomfortable is to grow! And I guess this is the time for me to ‘walk the talk’.

Oh, just in case you haven’t heard, I am so excited that my documentary is finally launched! I would like to share with you my story about the love of God that has ‘ruined’ me forever. God wants us all to accept that love! You can watch the video here.

Let us continue to pray for each other. I just opened up a new social media channel, Snapchat to give you more behind the scenes of the stuff that I and my ministry team are doing, follow me @frrobgalea.


Fr Rob

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