This February Fr Rob recorded a remix of his song ‘Alive’ with DJ G Wizard (Ministry of Sound). This is to be released on radio around Australia and Malta. Below is a blurb about the song by John Arnold, one of the co-writers:

Sometimes when a song it written, its full significance is not quite understood at the time. Gary Pinto and I wrote ALIVE during a songwriting weekend at the end of 2013. The song was birthed quickly as we sat around talking and singing out some of the things God has done in and for us.
The song is based around 2 Corinthians 4, where Paul is encouraging the followers of Jesus in Corinth that though trials and tribulations may come our way, our faith in Jesus is not to be moved. This is because of the simple truth of the Gospel, that Jesus died and rose again – and that we died to our sins with Him, and are now ALIVE in Him. As we crafted the song, it became an anthem or sorts, with an assured declaration of our position as Sons and Daughters alive in Jesus. Our intent was in creating a song that would call out and affirm the assurance we have in Jesus, regardless of our life situations.
Although we do not always feel it, those who have called on Jesus for salvation move from Darkness to Light in a simple, supernatural transaction!! We no longer need to try and improve that which was nailed to the Cross with Jesus – our rebellious, flesh nature.It is dead and done! To become and stay ALIVE in Jesus, which only happens through the infilling of Holy Spirit, who changes us from the inside out. We then naturally bear the fruit of our being planted in the source of Righteousness, Jesus Himself. We break away from religion and move into a day by day, minute by minute relationship and reliance on God Himself for life, and life abundant He gives! We walk in the Faith of the finished work of Jesus, because He truly has gone above and beyond to draw humanity to perfect relationship with Himself.
My prayer is that ALIVE, which captures the heart and passion of Father Rob and his ministry, will call to life many who may not be living fully awake and alive in the goodness of Jesus.
The remix is an exciting addition to this song, with thanks to DJ G-Wizard for the production. Personally, I know that this song has been a prophetic word into the life that I am called to in Jesus – a life of Freedom, Authority, Overflowing Love, Joy and Passion. As the St. Paul said, “For I no longer live, but Messiah Jesus lives in me”!! (Galatians 2:20 ). We are ALIVE in Him.

Download the song ALIVE here:

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