The Media

I just wanted to share a few words in the light of all the media attention I have been getting in Australia. There has been a lot of good that has come out of it, no doubt, and with that emails and tweets about ‘praying for my bad soul’. In spite of all of this I want to clarify where my heart stands.

First of all I am grateful for the positive press about what God is doing, especially in all of the negative press about Jesus and His Church; but let this be very clear: I have NO desire for fame or attention, my ONLY desire is to make Jesus famous.

Having said that I do understand that we often are the instruments God uses to glorify His Son. People do not see Jesus walking and talking as they did just over two thousand years ago, but they do see you and me. They see not that I am another personified Jesus, but they can see my love for Jesus in my human state – with all my joys, sorrows, strengths and weaknesses. People look to us as Christians to see Christ; it is our job therefore to point at Jesus when they do.

I spend my time and energy pointing to Jesus, but the reality is that many, and with particular help of the media, look at what they can see and understand in a way that the world knows to see and understand: they see the looks, the muscles, the talent, the influence and all things somewhat superficial. These are all good things, as God does desire health, for us to excel in our gifts and to be people of influence, but the reality is it may take a while for people to look beyond the physical and ultimately see the ‘Whom’ and not ‘what’ I am all about, and it will be only a few who do.

In conclusion I ask that you be patient, and you be understanding in the midst of misquotes and sensationalism for the sake of the few who may eventually see beyond the portrayed masquerade and eventually come to see Jesus and love Jesus who alone I desire to make famous.

Photo courtesy of Simon O'Dwyer

Fr Rob GaleaComment