Keeping You Posted

A Short Documentary 

Over a year and a half in the making, a documentary about my first four years as a priest has been released. This is a short clip explaining how I reconcile my music, touring and parish ministry. This has been used over the last few weeks to promote vocations around Australia. Please watch and share and do let me know your thoughts. Watch the Documentary.

New Website 

We have a new website! This mobile friendly site is easier to use and allows visitors to interact, get information and have better access to resources.

New T-Shirts are also available from the new site. Visit the NEW

'Alive' Remix

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with G Wizard, a resident DJ and producer for one of the worlds leading dance production companies. There are six songs in the pipeline with the 'Ministry of Sound' DJ. You can listen to and download the first of the songs. Listen here.

Ministry & Tour

I am settling well and enjoying my new parish in Bendigo. I have also taken on the role of directing our diocesan youth ministry as well and serve as a chaplain to 8,000 students across our local university and secondary school campuses. Read more.

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