X Factor withdrawal Press Release

19th September 2015

FR Rob Galea is announcing his withdrawal from the reality music competition ‘The X Factor,’ citing pastoral commitments at his parish as a primary reason.

Fr Rob, 33, chose to depart the competition during the ‘boot camp’ phase, which required him to remain in Sydney for a period of time away from his parish at St Kilian’s, Bendigo.

He said the competition had been greatly rewarding, and an excellent opportunity to evangelize to a broad audience.

“While I am so grateful for the opportunity to have auditioned, got through to boot camp and worked with a wonderful team of contestants and judges, I have decided, out of my own will, to leave the Australian X Factor competition,” he announced.

I have looked at my pastoral, Church, music and touring commitments for the rest of the year and found that I cannot reasonably honour both the competition and these. Even though some may argue that this is an evangelisation opportunity missed, my first commitment is to my relationship with God and to the Church to whom I am already committed.

“My heart is filled with gratitude towards God, to those who have supported me, and others who have in some way been encouraged by this short X Factor journey.”

“It was after much prayer and careful consideration that I decided to enter this competition less than two months ago. I am glad I did. It has been a wonderful experience to work amongst such great professionalism, to be surrounded by wonderful people and to have this opportunity to share my hope and vocation beyond the confines of the 'church circles'.

“After getting through to boot camp and having attended the boot camp in Sydney, I came to understand the incredible commitment needed to go through with the competition. Thus, during the filming of one of the singing challenges I stepped forward towards the judges and asked to leave the competition. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the producers’ control, this part of boot camp will not be aired, and thus I will not have the opportunity to explain why I left the competition during the show.

“I thank you for your understanding and ask that you continue to pray for me as I strive to serve God and do His will.”

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