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Sister Hilda Scott, OSB, Benedictine Abbey, Jamberoo, NSW

Who could fail to be moved by this book? No matter what age you are, this book holds a promise. Fr Rob takes us beautifully through the never-ending story of God’s love for him, and as you read this book, God’s love for you. There is nothing Fr Rob has written here that cannot equally apply to you. God loves you; He will walk over cut glass to get to you, no matter what you think of yourself. If you are hurting, so is God. Fr Rob knows that and so will you if you are game enough to call out to God and then follow the suggestions he has in this book. There is a wonderful world waiting for you and it has God’s signature and yours all over it! 

Fr Rob is truly a man of God. I will pray for each of you who read this book that you too will find the Love that cancels out all debts and waits with open hearts just for you. 

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Bishop Robert Barron, Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles

Contemporary culture compels approaches to evangelization that are new in ardor, methods and expressions.  Fr. Rob Galea's efforts to reach young people with the saving power of the Gospel exemplify all three and in his new book he reveals precisely where his zeal for the mission originates- in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who is living, present and accessible to all people in his Church.

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Fr Thomas Rosica, CSB, CEO Light Catholic Media Foundation

Having known Fr Rob for the past decade has been a blessing, inspiration and encouragement for my own priestly ministry with young people. Rob’s book is more than just the journey of a young man to human and spiritual maturity; it is also a blatantly honest, inspiring and edifying story for any person who seeks to allow God into his or her life. Rob’s story reveals what happens when God is allowed to break through our little, personal worlds. It is the story of a dynamic, young, committed Catholic priest, singer and performer, and a testimony to the Mighty One who continues to do great things in the lives of young women and men today. 

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