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FRG Ministry PRESENTS ENCOUNTER: a series of engaging high definition videos and lesson plans that teach faith, SPIRITUALITY and life issues TO high school students.


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Individual Youth Group

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individual youth groups' study.
AUD $220 per year

Individual High School

This annual subscription is for
individual high schools.
AUD $440 per year


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Encounter Teaching Resource
Standard Terms and Conditions for Supply of Services


Payment of this subscription includes 12 months of fully licensed access to this resource. In the weeks before renewal, you will be advised of renewal options via email using the same email address on your account during sign-up. This licence is for your current school site only and cannot under any circumstances be shared or used in any other educational or private use environment.


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+ Can I pay monthly or weekly for Encounter?

This subscription is only charged annually. Your subscription will be due for renewal one year after your subscription is confirmed.

+ What happens if I cancel my subscription early?

Once you pay for a subscription you have access to the resource for a year. There will be no refund for any unused time. You will still have access to the resource for the time that has been paid, even if the subscription is cancelled prior to the renewal date.

+ Do you offer discounts on the purchase of multiple licenses?

Yes, for 11 - 20 high schools, the price is $400 per licence; for 21 - 30 high schools, the price is $374 per license; and for 31+ schools, the price is $353 per license. You can purchase multiple licenses here.

+ Do you offer a sponsorship for schools facing financial difficulties?

For schools who are experiencing genuine economic hardship please contact us at as we may be able to provide sponsorships.

+ Do you offer alternative payment methods?

We also offer the opportunity for institutions to be invoiced annually for their membership. If you would like to discuss our alternative payment options, please contact Janine at prior to signing up for an account.

+ What kind of content will we have access to?

You will have access to four resources. You will be able to download any video in HD quality and have the license to store and show the videos in your school for as long as your subscription is active. New videos will be uploaded every month. (Once expired you must delete all the videos and teachers resources from your systems). You will also have access to a teachers' resource. This is a 50-120 minute lesson plan to go with the videos. This includes lesson preparation tips, scripture verses, suggested games, discussion questions, video summaries and more. Your subscription will also allow you access to a discussion group with other educators using the Encounter resource. In this community you can find new and creative ways to use the resource and engage your High Schoolers. Fourth: A new video is created each week. Your subscription allows you to submit topics to be considered for future videos. Sometimes these videos can be delivered by the following week for you to use in your classroom or youth group.

+ How do schools use the resource?

Sometimes educators struggle to communicate spiritual, catechetical and moral and ethical issues in an engaging way. Sometimes it is difficult for lack of personal conviction about the subject, or an inability to express themselves. Each week FRG Ministry produces a video on a huge number of subjects such as The Sacraments, pornography, Mary and the Saints and so many more. Teachers will be able to play these short, fun and engaging videos which serve as a springboard to understanding and further discussion. Many of the topics also come with lesson plans to facilitate the subject further. These could be used during religion and ethics classes, or your youth, prayer or parish group. This resource also serves as a means to inform the educators about the subject at hand.

+ Can we trial the Encounter resource?

We offer a free sample pack available for download that includes a video and lesson plan. There is also a free 30-day trial available on all memberships.

already subscribed? access encounter here

For more information relating to subscriptions, please contact