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We are bringing the love of Jesus and a message of hope


FRG Ministry is a Catholic movement bringing the love of Jesus and His message of hope  to people of all ages across the world. FRG Ministry pioneers new means of evangelisation through developing relevant & engaging resources. FRG Ministry also provides educational programs and resources for schools and Catholic parishes which empower people to grow as Christ’s true disciples. 


coming home: new album by fr rob galea available now

Coming Home is Fr Rob Galea’s seventh music project. This 12-track record has been four years in the making and is a collaboration with some of the best songwriters and producers from across the world. In this album, Fr Galea sings about the need to return to our first Love; We choose Christ but we often run away. No matter how far we wander, God will run towards us as we begin our journey back home.

Order your physical copy or digital download from our USA and International online stores, or digital copies from online music retailers.

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breakthrough: a journey from desperation to hope

Breakthrough is the story of Rob Galea’s journey from troubled teen to Catholic priest in the Sandhurst Diocese in Victoria, Australia. It offers a path to joy and peace in a world where bad things happen. Books and companion journals now available in our online stores.









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